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Case Study: DAS Product takes dust suppression to new levels at coal mine

Dust-A-Side’s signature dust control binder, DAS Product, has proved to be an invaluable solution at one of Australia’s busiest open cut coal mines*. 

The client needed to suppress airborne dust on their haul road network. To resolve this, DAS Product was supplied and applied as a spray-on treatment. DAS Product is a bituminous emulsion binder with sealing and dust control properties. Once applied, the emulsion breaks and allows the bitumen to cure which binds the wearing course together to form an impermeable seal that resists water ingress. This in turn helps to prevent wheel generated dust.

One of the key benefits of DAS Product is that it’s an all-weather treatment. Treated areas recover quickly from heavy rain and remain dust free during dry periods.

As detailed below, the results were remarkable in terms of achieving reduced dust levels, water usage, plant operating costs as well as a host of other benefits.


95% reduction in wheel-generated dust levels

Static dust monitors placed beside a section of haul road revealed a reduction in average dust levels from 0.121mg/m3 to 0.006mg/m3 over the course of the evaluation period, which represents a 95% decrease.

Additionally, 85% of mine’s personnel surveyed also noted a significant reduction in the amount of visible dust on the haul road.


79% reduction in water use

613ML of water had been used to suppress dust at the mine in the 12-months prior to the evaluation period – equating to 70L per m2 per month on the haul roads

After applying DAS Product, water usage was reduced to an equivalent 14.6L per m2 per month on the haul roads – a reduction of 79%.

This translates into a significant reduction in water infrastructure costs, reduced likelihood of uncontrolled heavy vehicle movements, and reduced washout of fines and erosion of the haul road wearing course – all of which contributes to reduced haul road maintenance costs.


15% reduction in plant operating costs

The cost of graders and water carts to maintain the haul road and suppress dust in the 12-months prior to the evaluation period equated to $1.06 per m2 per month.

Thanks to DAS Product, the monthly maintenance cost reduced to $0.89 per m2 per month – a saving of $0.17 per m2 per month or 15%.


Additional benefits

The client has reported faster recovery times on their haul road network after wet-weather events, which has cut production downtime in half.

The improved road conditions will further benefit safety and production in the long run as the binding properties of DAS Product provide good traction and reduced road roughness. This reduces the likelihood of tyre damage.


Interested in learning more about DAS Product and our road management services?

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*Name withheld to preserve our client’s privacy