How much can you save on haul road maintenance?

Are your existing haul roads costing you a fortune to maintain, and in the back of your mind are you thinking: ‘There must be a better way?’ 

Do you really consider Total Road User Costs when making important and often costly decisions about investing in the construction, upgrade and on-going maintenance of your haul roads? 

Dust-A-Side Australia has the perfect solution…our ‘big picture’ Road Maintenance Savings Estimator

Dust-A-Side has several hundred years of combined project experience delivering our haul road Management System to mining customers across four continents.

Globally, we employ nearly 700 personnel to deliver best practice haul road maintenance services.

By delivering full-service solutions and not just selling a product we can be supremely confident that our haul road management system will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your total road costs, since we have the internal knowledge, learnings and skills to ensure that there is no cutting corners or achieving anything less than a superior result.

In fact, we are so confident of delivering proven results that in many instances we are willing to take on some of the commercial risk of maintaining your haul roads. How many other companies will commit to that?

Dust-A-Side Australia would like to prove how our haul road management system will reduce your haul road costs by inviting you to try out our new Road Maintenance Savings Estimator.

Here is how it works.

You simply supply us with some very basic details about your operation, using the form provided here.

And by basic we mean the dimensions (length and width) of the haul roads, plus the make, model and number of vehicles you are running on it.

One of our experienced engineers will then use the information you supply us to ‘crunch the numbers’, calculate quantities and identify opportunities.

As soon as possible, we will report back to you with an estimate of the cost savings we envisage.

And it won’t be just a “yes, we are sure we can save you money”, it will be a high-level estimate with absolutely nothing overlooked.

It will be based on the most practical haul road management solution, using the best possible methodology for long-term efficacy. We will consider all of the areas in which haul road maintenance strategies impact upon road user costs to enable you to make the most robust commercial decisions.

This includes things such as:

  • Water cart costs,
  • Grader costs,
  • Haul truck cycle times,
  • Wet-weather delays,
  • Road construction costs,
  • On-going re-sheeting of roads,
  • Haul truck fuel consumption,
  • Vehicle maintenance,
  • Consumable life,
  • Water infrastructure costs,
  • Production delays due to poor visibility and/or unsafe road conditions, and
  • Tyre wear rates and premature damage.

Furthermore, all of our assumptions and areas of cost savings identified will be based on years of experience – in Australia and globally – and fully supported.

Importantly, we will supply relevant case studies and independent verification of results from one of our many proven projects.

This brand new service is exclusive to Dust-A-Side Australia and 100% obligation free, so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

We invite you to put us to the test by visiting our Road Maintenance Savings Estimator page today and completing details of your haul roads.

For more information about our Road Management system, call 1800 662 387 and speak to one of engineers, or simply click here to contact us

Find out how much you will save on haulroad maintenance