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AquaTarp worked so well to suppress dust and prevent erosion, it is now mandatory

When those at the helm of a large infrastructure project at one of Australia’s largest ports* required the primary access road to the project treated for dust and erosion, they had no hesitation in selecting Dust-A-Side Australia – the dust suppression specialists – as preferred supplier. Similarly, Dust-A-Side were quick to recommend AquaTarp as the ideal solution.

This solvent-free water and surfactant-based emulsion of latex polymer is specifically formulated for easy application onto surfaces experiencing dust and/or erosion issues.

Given the site conditions, material type and client needs, it was determined that AquaTarp – with its unique binding capabilities and ability to quickly form a crust-like seal – would be perfect for treating the site access road.

Other factors that made AquaTarp the obvious choice was its ease of initial application, its water (rain) and weather-resilient properties once established, and the long timeframe between needing to re-apply the product.

Dust suppression made simple

Here is how it all came together, quickly and easily.

Dust-A-Side personnel worked with the local site contractor to establish the product into the road wearing course.

Prior to this the road was graded to ensure no excessive loose material and a good running surface free of potholes and rutting etc.

AquaTarp was then loaded into the watercart at a 5% dilution (95% water – this was drawn from the sea and therefore demonstrates the resilient nature of the

AquaTarp product being diluted with poor quality water supply).
Diluted product was then applied to the surface of the road via a series of light applications.

The treated surface was then compacted with use of the watercart alone in order to assist with penetration and binding of the product into the wearing course.
The road remained open to normal traffic throughout application, so there was therefore no disruption to normal operations.

Once cured, the product yielded a harder wearing and sealed road surface with the following attributes:

  • Less dust, which improves road-user safety and uses less water than conventional dust suppression methods.
  • Longer-lasting due to binding nature of product and waterproofing effect that makes them less prone to washout and loss of fines during wet weather – leading to lower on-going road maintenance costs.
  • Safer running surface for all road users that had improved traction characteristics compared with the previous unsealed road

Product maintained its proven performance for more than one month before requiring any maintenance re-application to ensure the on-going benefits.

The client is pleased with the outcome and have now advised that use of the product will be made a mandatory requirement for all contractors undertaking future infrastructure/civil works on site.

Project demonstrates DAS’ ability to tailor its products and services to each client’s unique needs; demonstrating a safer and more sustainable solution for infrastructure/civil project site access roads and temporary roads.

For more information and advice on dust suppression, erosion control or road management, please call 1800 662 387 and speak to one of our team members, or simply click here to contact us.


*Name withheld to protect privacy.