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When the pressure’s on to suppress dust.

Introducing Dust-A-Side Australia’s High Pressure Mist System, the innovative way to suppress dust in a wide range of applications.

The dust suppression system produces a high concentration of 10-micron fog droplets that can be directed at particular nuisance areas that would otherwise produce high amounts of airborne dust.

The super-fine water droplets –  a mere 10 millionths of a meter in diameter – provide optimum performance for attracting and suppressing PM10 and smaller dust particles.

When properly designed and installed, the DAS High Pressure Mist System effectively eliminates airborne emission control issues.




Key Benefits of the High Pressure Mist System

As well as effectively and efficiently suppressing airborne dust particles, it removes more dust per volume when surfactants solutions (such as Hydrowet) are sprayed. This helps to reduce the surface tension of water that, in turn, helps to improve the ability to make certain materials wet – particularly hydrophobic (water hating) materials such as coal and fine ores.

Unlike many other systems, moisture is added to the air and NOT directly to the material – reducing the moisture contribution to the material being handled.

Lower overall volumes of water are used as the droplets are finer, and nozzle life is extended through the use of filtration systems – meaning that clogged chutes and excessive water run-off are a thing of the past.



For advice on how to suppress dust using the Dust-A-Side High Pressure Mist System, and benefit from the proven expertise we have acquired designing, manufacturing and installing over 100 of these dust suppression systems already, speak to our team of engineers on 1800 662 387 or simply contact us.