Bulk Dust Products Offer Unprecedented Cost Efficiencies

Dust-A-Side Australia not only have the most effective dust control products on the market, but we also offer you the most cost-efficient means of purchasing them.

As part of our vertically integrated business model, Dust-A-Side has developed a comprehensive in-house bulk transportation capability, to serve our largest projects.

Our reliable new fleet provides the most efficient means of transporting a proven range of dust product(s) from manufacturing locations and strategically positioned storage depots to remote operating locations across Australia.

Free Comparison Sheet: Dust Suppression & Dust Prevention 

Up to 85,000 litres of Dust Suppression signed, sealed and delivered.

Depending upon the location, state and type of dust product our engineers have recommended, product volumes of 20,000 litres through to 85,000 litres per load can be delivered to remote sites.

 As you can see from the accompanying images, our bulk distribution system employs a combination of Semis, B-Doubles and Road Trains contingent on the size of the shipment.

Our quality dust suppression products – such as HydroTac, AquaTarp, AcriBind and our flagship DAS Product – are then stored in customised storage tanks on-site, closer to the point of use.

Advantages of having our proven dust products delivered in bulk:

  • Lower cost of transport
  • No packaging (eg.IBCs, drums, other containers) to return or dispose of
  • Saving additional $$$
  • Less waste – more environmentally friendly
  • Products handled by trained experts
  • More efficient unloading practices on site
  • Less manual handling
  • Reduced likelihood of spillage

Talk with Dust-A-Side today about how we can provide a turn-key solution to your project, managing all dust product manufacture, delivery, storage and application (or any combination thereof).

For more information and advice about bulk dust products, or to discuss logistics, call 1800 662 387 and speak to one of our team members, or simply click here to contact us.

Free Comparison Sheet: Dust Suppression & Dust Prevention 

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