AquaTarp has Construction and Mining Stockpiles Covered

If you are involved in civil construction, or your mining operations have resulted in huge exposed stockpiles with the topsoil in danger of erosion, run-off or causing a massive dust problem, there’s one proven product to bear in mind… AquaTarp from Dust-A-Side Australia.

As you can see from the video below, AquaTarp is perfect for all dust and soil erosion issues.

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Free Download: AquaTarp Fact Sheet

In this particular case – a construction site – Dust-A-Side was commissioned on a ‘full service’ basis to provide water carts, skilled personnel and the most suitable chemical treatment for the stockpiles…which our engineers deemed to be AquaTarp.

With heavy rains predicted, we quickly set about sealing the stockpiles with this solvent-free, water and surfactant based emulsion of latex polymer.

To control the dust and potential run-off, the AquaTarp was diluted and sprayed using water cannons in areas that couldn’t be reached, and water carts in places that could.

Over the course of two days, it was sprayed, compacted and rolled until the surface wearing course layer was stabilised and covered in an impermeable crust.
Just as well.

Within days of applying the AquaTarp, the heavens opened and over 50mm of rain was dumped onto the construction site.

Fortunately, even after this massive deluge, the AquaTarp-treated stockpiles were still perfectly sealed with no resultant run-off.

For more information and advice about AquaTarp and how to deal with dust and erosion at a mining or construction site, call 1800 662 387 and speak to one of our engineers, or click here to contact us.

Free Download: AquaTarp Fact Sheet

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